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  • Format: (2CD) Compact disc
  • Executor: BEATLES
  • Title: ANTHOLOGY 2
  • Catalog number: TOCP-8703-04
  • A country: Japan
  • Label: Apple
  • Year of issue: 1996
  • Type of publication: EDITION 1998
  • Condition (record/cover): SS
  • Style: Rock
  • Rarity: star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate

Anthology 2 album-a collection of The Beatles, released by the record label Apple Records in March 1996, the second part of the book is in three parts, which together with a television documentary series and book called "The Beatles Anthology". The album climbed to the top of the album chart Billboard 200 and was certified by the RIAA as four times platinum. In Anthology 2 presents outtake (trial records), rarities, and alternate versions over the period of recording sessions in 1965 for the album Help! prior to the sessions directly before the journey, The Beatles in Rishikesh, India (en:The Beatles at Rishikesh) in February 1968.

Price: 4,500 ₽

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