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Similarly, if the pictures correspond to the merchandise or you download them from the Internet?

We photograph each item. But it's worth noting that the picture is often different from the original colors, light, sharpness. We apologize for the cases is not very professional photography.

Why two of the same product sold at different prices?

The price of each product depends on many factors: condition of the plate and the envelope of the country of publication, year of production, the availability of tabs, etc. besides, the same position we could obtain at different times and from different vendors

What if I have slow Internet and the site is long loaded?

Download the catalogue of plates in Excell format by clicking on the link "Download catalog" at the top right of the screen. In this case, you will be able to view the entire catalog, not using the Internet.

How often do you update the catalog for download on the website?

The catalogue is generated automatically from the sales and receipts in the store. Data is always current.

How to view only new arrivals?

Go to "New arrivals" and You'll see the receipt for the last month.

What products fall into the category of "Popular", "Rare", “Rare records”, "Sale"?

In the section "Popular" are the most sold products.
In the category of "Rare" includes all rare commodities in the music market (a rarity of 2 stars).
In the category of "Rare records" includes all rare records (a rarity of 3 stars).
In section "Sale" includes goods on which a shop reduces the prices. We regularly arrange sales for the updates assortment.

Lay/book do you goods?

When ordering, it is automatically reserved for You. Pending payment for 4 days ( if You choose to pay by Bank transfer, 7 days). If payment is not made within the time specified, Your order will be cancelled and the goods go on sale.

How to obtain information about the status of my order?

On the main page in the upper right corner, click "Log in" and enter your username and password. You will see Your account with full functionality orders data.

I buy a lot of goods. Can I expect a discount?

We sell product at current prices and without any discount from best buy. However, if you are willing a one-time purchase of the plate amounting to more than 100 000 rubles, you will receive a 10% discount; more than 200 000 - 20%; Also, if you are a regular buyer , we can provide You with a constant personal discount.


What should I do if I forgot the password?

Click on the link "Forgot password" and the password will be immediately sent to your e-mail that you indicated during registration.

Is it safe to send my personal information and pay for goods online?

The online store guarantees the use of personal data and all other personal information provided by customers when registering and ordering, only for the purposes related to servicing your orders. Your personal information under any circumstances will not be disclosed to third parties. When making a payment, You are transferred on secure channels of communication with the Bank.


How can I pay? Do you accept ...?

For more information, see the section "Payment".

I want to pay for the order on behalf of a legal entity, is it possible?

It is possible that a payer may be any natural or legal person , when you pay just specify the order number.

Exchange and return:

Can I exchange or return the goods if they do not like me?

Sorry, but we do not accept back products in this case.

Can I cancel the order if it has already been posted on your website?

You can cancel the order after order placement, if it is not paid by you.