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SS - Still Sealed - record is sealed

NMint/Archive - this Record was not played or played very little. Plate and the envelope is in very beautiful condition.

EX - Excellent - the Record has been played little and very carefully. Vinyl can be surface scuffs or scratches from the paper envelope that does not affect the sound of the album. The envelope can be barely visible fractures or defects, not affecting its appearance.

VG - Very Good - Use this rating only for the mega rare and expensive records. The record was played very often.
On the record the less obvious scratches, marks and scrapes. Cover has defects, flaws or tears.




2 LP's - two plates in the kit.
7' - seven-inch small plate, usually single.
ARCHIVE COPY - the disc is in immaculate condition from a collection, library, Museum, radio station or manufacturer.
AUDIOPHILE - audiophile sound.
AUTOGRAPH - the autograph of the performer.
BOOK/BOOKLET book/booklet included with album.
BONUS TRACK - extra songs not included in the original version of the album.
Box - a box in which to place records.
CALENDAR - the calendar that comes with the album.
CARDS - cards, cards that are included with the album
CLUB EDITION album, published by subscription to members of any club.
COLOUR VINYL - plate, made of colored vinyl.
CUT-OUT on the envelope (typically in a corner) cut a slit or hole punched or cut area.
FLEXI DISC is a flexible plate, the included album.
COVER FOIL - "foil" or foil cover
FULL OUT COVER - drop-down album sleeve.
ETCHED DISC - CD with a picture printed with a laser engraving.
GIMMICK COVER-cover with different design surprises and unusual things.
INNER SLEEVE - inner paper sleeve included with the album.
INSERT - tab. Sheet of paper with text or any other information directly related to a specific record.
LIMITED EDITION plate, limited edition.
MAXI - Maxi-single. Record a standard 12-inch size, recorded at a speed of 45 rpm.
MONO - plate issued in mono version.
OBI - a paper tape surrounding the envelope of Japanese records.
OUTER BAG the outer bag (paper or plastic), supplied with the album.
PICTURE DISC - the disc printed on its surface a drawing or photograph.
POSTCARD - postcard included in the set of records.
POSTER - the poster included with the album.
PRIVATE PRESS - record, published on the money of the musicians themselves.
PROMO COPY - record, released for promotion, for advertising, etc.
PROMO LIST - additional sheet, bearing information about the artist.
RADIO STATION COPY - disc archive of the radio station.
STICKER - sticker, a part of the complete album.
STILL SEALED - record is sealed.
TOP COPY - record is in perfect condition NMINT/ARCHIVE
UNOFFICIAL EDITION - unofficial edition.
UNPLAYED COPY - disc that the external data is not lost once. Only applies to vinyl.
QUADRO - LPS, recorded for playback on Quad equipment.