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  • Format: (LP) Vinyl record 12"
  • Executor: BALTIK
  • Title: BALTIK
  • Catalog number: 65581
  • A country: Sweden
  • Label: CBS
  • Year of issue: 1973
  • Complictation: TEXTURED COVER, FOC, INS
  • Type of publication: FIRST PRESS
  • Condition (record/cover): NMint/NMint
  • Style: Prog Rock
  • Rarity: star_rate star_rate

Swedish original. The debut and only self-titled studio album by the Swedish band "Baltik", released in 1973 by "CBS Records", was recorded as a part of: Janne Schaffer (guitar), Bjorn J:son Lindh (piano, flute, saxophone), Bengt Dahlen (guitar), Goran Lagerberg (bass) and Ola Brunkert (drums). Bass Guitarist John Gustafson (Roxy Music, Quatermass, Ian Gillan Band, Hard Stuff) and a number of session vocalists and musicians also participated in the work on the CD. This album is considered one of the best in Sweden in this genre.

Price: 22,000 ₽

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