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  • Format: (2LP) Vinyl record 12"
  • Executor: CHICKENFOOT
  • Title: LV
  • Catalog number: 208651ERE
  • A country: England & Europe
  • Label: EAR Music
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Complictation: LIMITED EDITION COPY 0638/1000
  • Type of publication: FIRST PRESS
  • Condition (record/cover): SS
  • Style: Hard Rock/Rock
  • Rarity: star_rate

European original. LV is the first live album by American hard rock band Chickenfoot. It was originally released as a bonus package to Chickenfoot's first two studio albums, and was later released on its own. The first "side" includes tracks from the 2012 "Different Devil" tour. "Side B" features tracks from the band's first tour, which were also included on the DVD release of "Get Your Buzz On". " LV "is short for" live", but it also plays a role in the album naming scheme adopted by Chickenfoot, using unordered Roman numerals. LV represents "55" as a Roman numeral.

Price: 9,000 ₽

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