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  • Format: (CD) Compact disc
  • Executor: CAIRO
  • Title: CAIRO
  • Catalog number: MA-1081-2
  • A country: USA
  • Label: Magna Carta
  • Year of issue: 1994
  • Type of publication: FIRST PRESS
  • Condition (record/cover): SS
  • Style: Prog Rock/Rock
  • Rarity: star_rate

Cairo - founded in San Francisco, USA, in 1993, and disbanded in 2001. The first eponymous album recorded in the band's home studios. It was released in 1994 on the progressive rock label Magna Carta. Marked by a strong influence of progressive rock groups like Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Yes. The album was well received by the critics due to their classic sound with a modern approach.

Price: 1,200 ₽

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