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  • Format: (2CD) Compact disc
  • Executor: DEPECHE MODE
  • Title: REMIXES 86>98
  • Catalog number: MUSH3205102
  • A country: Australia
  • Label: Mute
  • Year of issue: 1999
  • Complictation: DIGIPACK
  • Type of publication: EDITION 2001
  • Condition (record/cover): SS
  • Style: Synth-pop
  • Rarity: star_rate

The Singles 86>98 is a compilation album by the British musical collective Depeche Mode. This album is a compilation of remastered songs released by the band as singles in the period from 1986 (album Black Celebration) to 1997 (album Ultra). In addition, the compilation included a new track "Only When I Lose Myself", released as a single on September 7, 1998. Shortly before the release of the album, Depeche Mode members stated that The Singles 86>98 covers, in their opinion, the most fruitful creative stage in the history of the band. In the USA, The Singles 86>98 sold over 500,000 copies in the first week after release and was awarded platinum status. In addition, the album was certified platinum in Germany and Italy. Also, The Singles 86>98 was awarded gold status in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, France and Poland. The collection was included in the list of Blender magazine "500 CDs that you should own".

Price: 1,500 ₽

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